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Demi Lee

Since leavingSixth Form, I went on to Birmingham City University to study Speech and Language Therapy. I am now in my second year of university, going into my third year -graduating next year! I amso grateful to everyone at post sixteen andwould nothave got into university without all their help and guidance. I honestly miss attending sixth form and would return in a heartbeat! I cannotthank everyone enough!

Elliot Freeman

Currently studying Psychology, BSc, at De Montfort University, as well as working in one of Leicester’s most well-lovedbars.A committee member for DMU’s longest running (and biggest!) society, Games Society, as well as just being a massive success, really.Plans for the future include continued study, psychological research and running sprawling RPG campaigns.

Gabriella Burns

I left Grace Academy in 2017, after leaving I went into full time work and have been there ever since. However, recently I have decided to start at university course in the side of workingfull time. I am currently studying Psychology at the Open University part time. I really enjoy it, I’m still earning a wage but I also get to learn in my free time. I still don’t know what I want to do as a career but at the moment I really love my job and by doing the psychology degree it is allowing so many doors to open in the future


Sophie Sherrington

Since leaving Grace Academy, I have been studying Psychology at Aston University. I completed first year with a 1st andhave just received 1sts in allmy Term 1 exams and assignments for second year. I will be volunteering in Bali, Indonesia this summer, where I will be working in psychiatric hospitals and teaching English to the community. This autumn, I will start a yearlongplacement as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist in Wolverhampton, working closely with psychosis and personality disorders amongst a complex care team.

Lewis Sherwood

After leaving Grace Academy sixth form, I enrolled at Birmingham City University to study Mechanical Engineering for a 3-year course. Maths and physics was a big part of picking this degree, so I would highly recommend engineering to anyone that loves science and maths.

I am currently on a placement year at Arconic, which I started after completing my second year of university.

This placement has given me a lot of insight and valuable experience that will not only benefit me in my career, but will make me more employable, so I highly suggest for anyone to do a placement as it is a fantastic opportunity for work experience, as well as most of them paying a salary.

I have also been involved in Grace Academy STEM lectures and have returned to Grace Academy to give multiple assemblies for engineering related careers and enjoy encouraging younger generations to begin a career in STEM related areas.







Dominic Fuller

Following the completion of my A-levels at Grace Academy, like many, i went on to complete my undergraduate degree in BSc (hons) Psychology. I chose the University of Warwick to study, where i achieved First Class Honors in 2019.

Whilst at University i lived in Leamington Spa and it was here where i ran a Mental Health support group, hosting weekly drop in sessions at the well known charity ‘Mind’. In my final summer between graduating and entering the ‘real world’, pondering on what next steps to take, i worked as an events worker at festivals across the UK for the season.

Since Graduating i have become a Dementia and Mental Health specialist in an over 55s retirement complex supporting over 300 older adults, running my own service and overseeing a caseload. My role here is to screen for and then provide Psycho-social interventions for adults with diagnosed Dementia, Anxiety and Depression etc.

However, in September 2020 i am set to start work within a prison setting, supporting offenders with the intention of preventing re-offending and increasing Mental Health support within Prison institutions. Additionally, i will be studying part-time for a Post-Graduate Masters Degree in Custodial Leadership and Institutional Reform. Ultimately, my goal is to work within Policy creation within the Custodial system.





Skye Sherrington

Since leaving Grace Academy’s Sixth Form, I went straight to University. I am currently studying Physical Education and School Sport at Newman University. I completed my 1st semester with 1sts and am currently waiting for my 2nd semester results.

Alongside my studies, I run my own business ‘Jumping Fitness With Skye’ it has allowed me to travel, promoting fitness classes to several communities and understand multiculturalism. But also in the hope that they foster a love for sport. Earlier this year, Grace Academy allowed me to deliver enrichment sessions to Post 16 students which I am extremely grateful for. I am also consistently expanding my business by offering a variety of classes and am currently designing my own clothing brand!

In the immediate future I have courses to complete to assist my professional development and desired career of a PE teacher. I will be completing a Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity course as I have a keen interest in helping people who are experiencing mental health problems thrive inside and outside of sport.

Joshua Sudbury

I left Grace Academy’s sixth form in 2014. In that time, I have studied history at Aberystwyth University and achieved PgDipEd Teacher Status at the prestigious University Of Birmingham. The social skills and confidence that Grace’s Sixth Form gave me allowed me to achieve my dream as a History Teacher. After a successful NQT year, I am now living my dream, teaching History at Grace Academy, the school that originally gave me the desire to become a teacher in the first place!

The school’s environment allowed me to obtain academic and social success. Since leaving Grace, I have pursued successful careers in Football Refereeing and Dj’ing, two career paths I would never have dreamed of if it wasn’t for the confidence and social skills the 6th form environment gave me.

Luke Ryley

After leaving Grace Academy, I started studying Physical Education & School Sport at Newman University. I have nearly finished my first year, with 2 assignments and 1 exam left. I did worry whether university was the right option for me. After sticking with it, I believe my decision was right.

There are numerous opportunities that university opens up for you. I have enjoyed my first year, with my best experience playing for the 1st Football Team. As Newman is a small university, staff have a lot of time for you.

There is a huge amount of support networks set up, you never have to worry. Once I graduate, I am considering completing my QTS whilst working in a school, rather than completing a PGCE. I have a while before I have to make that choice, so my work experience in second year may change that decision.



Paige Willis

Since leaving Grace Academy, I started an apprenticeship with Birmingham City Council and then later Birmingham Children’s Trust in their Fostering & Adoption Assessment Teams, providing intense administrative support to social workers assessing prospective foster carers. While working.

I had also self funded an online distance learning Access to Higher Education Diploma in Social Work, and since finishing this, I am going to be attending the University of Birmingham this September to study Social Work and Sociology. I also volunteer at a Children’s Contact Centre as a safeguarding trained volunteer, supporting contact between children and their parent they don’t live with.

If somebody had told me this is what I would be doing when I was leaving Grace Academy I wouldn’t have believed it for a second, but I love what I do now and couldn’t imagine going into any other career.

Zak Maling

After leaving Grace I decided to take a year out to plan my next move and get as much travel done as I could.I did some solo travel around Germany initially, then taking a seasonal role as a rep and ski instructor in Finland for two months.Following this I planned further travel myself including two months in Vietnam and several more trips around Europe across the last summer.

At the end of my year out I decided to take the university route.I am now a first year International Relations student at Loughborough University with sponsorship through the Royal Air Forces University Air Squadron system which allows me to fly, take part in military exercises and generally be a part of the RAF alongsidemy studies.

In the immediate future I have an upcoming trip to India for a month and several large military exercises to look forward to over the summer.If there isanybody at Grace interested in taking a year out for travel orthe University Air Squadron route, its Universities best kept secret, I wouldbe happy to helpout.

Shannon Fox

Since leaving sixth form, I’ve been studying criminology at Birmingham city University. I’ve just finished my first year and I couldn’t have done as well as I have without the support and guidance I received throughout my entire time at sixth form.


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